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From: Philippe Francois (phfranco$##$
Date: Mon Oct 05 1998 - 02:50:43 EDT

N-propyl piperazine synthesis.

what you should do is react N-benzylpiperazine (commercial from Aldrich and
probably other companies.) with n-propylbromide using the same conditions (I
would carry out the reaction in anhydrous DMF or acetone with K2CO3, but
ethanol is fine) and then debenzylate the resulting product. The
debenzylation can be done in MeOH with a catalytic amount of Pd/C and with
NH4HCOO (ammoniumformiate) as a "H2" source, this debenzylation method is
very efficient.
This should give you the required product almost quantitatively!

Oh, by the way, the product N-propyl piperazine is commercial from

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