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From: chem$##$
Date: Thu Jul 23 1998 - 08:56:05 EDT

ChemInt'98 - Chemistry and the Internet - will be held in Irvine, CA on
September 12-15, 1998.
For details, please look at the url:

This conference will look into the current and future technologies
and developments for chemistry using the internet. This meeting will
gather together the leaders and innovators in developing Internet
resources for chemists, leading to discussions of what future innovations
and direction will bring to chemists. Chemists who use the Internet on a
regular basis, webmasters and web developers for chemistry sites, and web
publishers will benefit greatly from this conference. In addition,
working chemists who want to learn from leaders in this high growth and
high visibility area what the current and future value of the Internet
will also find the conference of great value.

Technical Sponsors:
ACS CINF Division
ACS COMP Division
The Chemical Structure Association (CSA)
Special Libraries Association (SLA) Chemistry Division
Japan Asscoiation for International Chemical Information

Wendy Warr, Wendy Warr & Associates
Barry Hardy, VEI
Matt Hahn, MSI
Mark J. Winter, University of Sheffield
Henry Rzepa, Imperial College, London
Joost Kircz, Elsevier Science, The Netherlands
Michael Newman, Stanford University
Peter Murray Rust, University of Nottingham
Dave Weininger, Daylight Chemical Information Systems
Nestor J. Zaluzec, Argonne National Labs

In addition there are 10 contributed talks. See the program for details

NEW (7/23/98): Poster papers are now being accepted for the conference!

Computer facilities and internect access will be available at the
meeting. 11 companies will also be exhibiting their chemistry/internet
products at the meeting.


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