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From: Jack Sullivan (jsulliva$##$
Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 10:35:58 EDT

> Trituration:
> "Powders intended for internal use are usually mixtures of two or more
> ingredients. If two ingredients are present in unequal quantities, then
> thelesser ingredient (usually the drug) is mixed with an equal weight of
> thegreater ingredient. Next, the resulting mixture is combined with an
> equal weight of the greater ingredient in steps until the mixture is
> complete. This process of geometric dilution (or **trituration**) is
> essential in order to produce a homogeneous powder."
> Copyright ) 1994-1998 Encyclopfdia Britannica, Inc.
As I understand the usage of the term in applied (bench-scale) organic
chemistry, it usually involves intimately mixing or slurrying of a
contaminated solid product with a solvent that has negligible solubility
for the product but appreciable solubility for contaminants such as
high-boiling or trapped solvents, etc. The solvent and product are then
separated via filtration and the process is repeated if needed.
Jack Sullivan

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