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From: ChemConnect - Patrick van der Valk (valk$##$
Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 08:37:30 EDT

Dear colleagues,

Many of you might not attend the Electronic Commerce for Chemicals
conference June 24-25 in Philadelphia, PA. But if you can't be
there in person here's a (free) alternative...

ChemConnect will be attending the conference and reporting on the
events by e-mail. Each day of the conference we'll send registered
recipients an overview of selected talks and presentations. We'll
also see what's happening outside the conference rooms and report
what people are saying in the hallways, bars, and restaurants.
Finally, a week after the conference ends, we'll send a third and
final e-mail with a round-up of the conference and some analysis
of what has been said.

Sign up for this new service is easy. Just visit:


and fill out the on-line form.


Patrick M. van der Valk
C h e m C o n n e c t, I n c.

P.S. If you think this information would be useful to a colleague,
     we do not mind if you forward this e-mail to him/her ;-)

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