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From: Peter Singfield (snkm$##$
Date: Mon Jun 08 1998 - 10:18:29 EDT

At 09:25 PM 6/7/98 +0200, you wrote:
>Dear collegues!
>I would like to know what the maincontent of Pfizer's Viagra is (If
available chemical name)
>Gunther Hebein
>*** Student of pharmacy ***
>University Innsbruck-Austria-Europe

I imagine and hope that a stimulating session will be started over this

To make a start --

Cacao was the major commercial product of the ancient Maya. The properties
that made it of such great value was its ability to increase the blood flow
to the penis in older men allowing them a good sex life. Then as now, this
product became of extreme demand!! Cortez tells us that four cacao beans
could buy a turkey in the Mexico City Market in his time.

So, the fountain head may well be Theobromine from Theobroma Cacao.
Specifically, an xanthine derivative that enhances blood flow to the desired

Cacao is a natural plant of Central America. And here in Belize, we still
have "wild" varieties. But the specifically bred variety used by the
ancients for the above described medicinal properties has been lost. Present
cacao being for "flavor" in the chocolate industry.

If Viagro is not based on the xanthines -- then some one should definitely
be exploring this direction further. This "treatment" is historically well
proven and suffers no side effects.

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