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From: John Deutsch (deutschj$##$
Date: Thu May 28 1998 - 10:52:09 EDT

When we run flow loop analyses of nucleic acids and various other organic
acids on our Finnegan LCQ, we are constantly seeing dimers and trimers.
Although I assume that much of this is due to the removal of solvent in
the source, the relative amount of monomer to dimer to trimer varies with
pH. I have performed some pulse-chase studies, adding stable isotope
labels at various timepoints to try and determine the efficacy of this,
and it appears that in solution, the "polymers" are relatively
exchangeable. However, when I trap ions, and create daughter ions, I
don't break the dimers, but usually strip waters, hydroxyls, etc. I am
curious, especially with regard to things like AMP, ADP and ATP if this
dimerization is potentially an in-vivo phenomena, or if this is all a
function of my equipment. There is a lot of homodimer literature with
large molecules that makes sense to me, and I am wondering about the
possibility of potential biological properties due to homo and heterodimer
formation of smaller ones.

As an aside, the LCQ is really a fun toy. We set up about 6 months ago
and it is the best $150,000 we've ever invested.

                                 John Deutsch
                                 Depy of Medicine
                                 Denver, CO


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