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From: Bryan Vickery (bryanv$##$
Date: Wed May 20 1998 - 05:54:01 EDT

>In the near future I'm in the necessity to set up a stock of fine
>chemicals. I would like to have a program which allows me to find
>rapidly the location of products searching them through name, fragments
>of name (let say.. all products containing "acid" or "amin" in their
>name, etc. ), formula or, even better, molecular formula (substructure).
>Do you have suggestions ?

ChemWeb have recently launched MDL's 'Available Chemicals Directory',
which should be all that you need. There is a FREE 30 day trial period
and then a charge of $10 per full record (searching is free of charge).
Unlimited single user access is only $5000 for 1 year.

The ACD ChemWeb Service accesses information from the Available
Chemicals Directory  (ACD) from MDL Information Systems Inc. ACD is an
extensive database containing over 240,000 compounds and 600,000
products from more than 300 suppliers world-wide. With the ACD ChemWeb
Service you can:

          Search multiple catalogs simultaneously
          Reduce chemical costs
          Avoid unnecessary synthesis
          Improve your process or your product
          Streamline your chemical location and ordering process

     Search for compounds by:

          Chemical names, synonyms and name fragments
          Molecular formula
          CAS Registry Number
          Chemical structure - exact, substructure and similarity

     Select the right compound by comparing:

          Quantity and pack sizes available
          Purity and grade
          Supplier and distributor locations

See for more

        Bryan Vickery


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