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From: Bryan Vickery (bryanv$##$
Date: Wed May 20 1998 - 05:45:27 EDT

Dear All,

Having watched the discussion, and unfortunately deleted most of the
postings, I now find myself in need of an explosives expert. I
commission Book Reviews for The Alchemist webzine
( and have just been sent a copy of
'The Chemistry of Explosives' by Jacqueline Akhavan (RSC Paperbacks) for

If there is anybody willing to review this title for me (paperback,
173pp), please contact me at this address. The Alchemist is currently in
a position to pay #100 for such reviews, providing they are of a certain

The Alchemist receives several titles each week and is always looking
for suitable reviewers, if you would like to join our panel simply send
an email with your areas of interest and details of your expertise to me
at this address. I will contact you if we are sent anything which we
think would be appropriate.

TOTOBOOM need not apply.

May I also encourage you to use and support The Alchemist, your FREE
weekly news and reviews service from ChemWeb Inc.

Bryan Vickery

Bryan A. Vickery
Development Executive - ChemWeb Inc.
Middlesex House
34 - 42 Cleveland Street
London W1P 6LE

T: + 44 171 323 0323
F: + 44 171 436 9293


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