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From: Dr. Felix Sirovski, CChem., MRSC. (sirovsk$##$
Date: Tue May 19 1998 - 07:35:52 EDT

At 13:37 17/5/98 -0700, you wrote:

>I disagree on grounds of logic. India just detonated five nuclear devices
>for which they made all preparations in secret. There is nothing to
>prevent TOTOBOOM or however it is that he works with from gathering all
>the information they desire under some other alias. At least he has done
>the ethically correct thing and he/she/it appears to be doing all his
>research in the open. I am not going to answer any of his questions but I
>am very interested in what questions he has. To speak prejudically of him
>is wrong. I would have the same attitude of anyone from any armed forces
>personal whether they be from Libya, Iraq, the U.S. or Russian armies.
>This is an international scientific forum and I don't think it should be
>tainted by any national bigotries.
>David Naugler
>Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
>Simon Fraser University
When I subscribed I thought it was organic chemistry mailing list and not
something like
Political correctness is a precious thing and as such should be spend
sparingly. Also I would be much obliged if list members would refrain from
mentioning Colonel Caddafi s subjects in one context with the Russian Army.
I understand that it was meant as a compliment but I do hope we (the
Russians I mean) do not deserve it.
Best regards,

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