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From: J.Aires de Sousa (jas$##$
Date: Tue May 19 1998 - 05:52:00 EDT

Dear ORGLIST members,

During the last weeks the "Totoboom issue" has been the main topic of the
list. Although I think this particular case does not deserve so much
traffic, the discussion that has taken place raised some important
questions on the nature and aims of this list.

ORGLIST is a public discussion forum. Any email account can become a
subscriber and any subscriber can post a message. Every message sent to the
list is immediately distributed throughout all the members and
automatically archived with no human supervision. That means that there is
no way to prevent a person from posting to the list. That also means that
only the author of a message is responsible for its content.

There are obviously other ways to share chemical information on the
Internet. From refereed electronic conferences to Web versions of
traditional journals. As I see it, every format has its own value. An
unmoderated mailing list such as ORGLIST has some disadvantages (the main
being its vulnerability to irrelevant or offensive contents) but also some
unique possibilities: it is free, fast, informal and requires minimum

What should we share in this list ? Just post questions and answers ? (by
the way, shouldn't one post a summary of the answers following a question
?) Couldn't we also share interesting results and articles that caught our
attention ? Shouldn't we invite publishers to regularly post their tables
of contents or new titles ?

I suggest we come back to chemistry. The ethical and practical questions
overdiscussed in the last weeks are fascinating themes but they are not the
aim of ORGLIST. This is a forum dedicated to Organic Chemistry and
therefore I ask all members to focus on Organic Chemistry.

Thank you for your attention (I am sorry to add one more non-chemical
message to your mailboxes !)

Joao Aires de Sousa, ORGLIST coordinator

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