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From: David Naugler (dnaugler$##$
Date: Mon May 18 1998 - 16:45:42 EDT

Reader's of Orglist:

I'm new to this list. I hope my question offends no one.

The use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) relaxation spectroscopy to study
drug-receptor interactions would be greatly facilitated by the development
of good NMR detergents. Neurotransmitter receptors are integral membrane
proteins. I good detergent for such protein would allow the solubilization
of such protein, giving it the properties of a soluble protein while at the
same time maximizing the duration of the activity of such protein. The
process of protein solubilization allows the removal of native membrane
components. A good detergent might be sucrose monolaurate. For NMR purposes
it should be perdeuterated.

Perdeutero lauric acid is available. The only perdeutero sugar that is
available is perdeutero glucose. My question is this: does any one here know
of an enzymic method for linking two glucose molecules to give any
disaccharide which has chemical properties similar to sucrose? Would the
use of a linking reagent like a carbodiimide work?


David Naugler
Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Simon Fraser University


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