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From: Eric D. Stover (eds4$##$
Date: Mon May 18 1998 - 11:02:40 EDT

It appears we have quite varying views on how to deal with Mr(s). TOTOBOOM.
In my opinion this is simply a consequence of the anonymous nature of an
electronic forum. I am concerned that the content of his web page, though
freedom of expression should be gaurenteed, indicates alterior motives than
simply scientific research. I beleive we all must show restraint when
discussing/providing information to individuals of a controlled nature. I
am also concerned that if TOTOBOOM's position is with a national defense
organization that some discretion on his/her part should be in order, which
it is not very apparent that it is. In my opinion, this whole scenario
brings up a question. Should there be some ethical standard to our
discussions in this forum? Should the moderator (?) play a more active role
(I know this can be an arduous task) in filtering? Does this border on
censorship, and if so, due to the sometimes sensetive nature of science
today, should some type of censorship be applied?

Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinion.

Eric Stover
Eric D. Stover
Department of Chemistry
Box 57, 152 Davey Lab
Penn State University
University Park PA 16801


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