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From: David Naugler (dnaugler$##$
Date: Sun May 17 1998 - 16:37:02 EDT

> If this guy claims he is a chemist in the Swiss army, he's even more
> than suspect. The Swiss, as do most Northern Europeans in the sciences,
> pride themselves on their English, which is obviously not this fellow's
> forte. The kind of response above is only going to egg this guy on with
> more of his nonsense. I suggest we all just ignore him.

I disagree on grounds of logic. India just detonated five nuclear devices
for which they made all preparations in secret. There is nothing to
prevent TOTOBOOM or however it is that he works with from gathering all
the information they desire under some other alias. At least he has done
the ethically correct thing and he/she/it appears to be doing all his
research in the open. I am not going to answer any of his questions but I
am very interested in what questions he has. To speak prejudically of him
is wrong. I would have the same attitude of anyone from any armed forces
personal whether they be from Libya, Iraq, the U.S. or Russian armies.
This is an international scientific forum and I don't think it should be
tainted by any national bigotries.

David Naugler
Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Simon Fraser University


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