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From: jchubb$##$
Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 07:52:51 EDT

> Hello everybody,
> what you just done to me wasn t very nice. oh, sorry, i m totoboom, le
> chimiste, you know the guy, which homepage is
> the guy who loves explosives, drugs, ..., chemical and biological
> warfare,...
> so, i just want to tell you that if you want to make an investigation,
> just do it, but i don t think that the swiss army will enjoy this very
> much.
> Ah, yes, i forget to tell you that i m work for the swiss army, but at
> the epfl, for my research.
> so, you lose a good chemist, sorry for you.

Although I am not very active in this group, I would like to say that I
support the reinstating of TOTO. As a military chemist with the Swiss
army, I think his interests in explosives, drugs, chemical and biological
warfare is a legitimate interest. The Swiss Army has not made war in a
long time so such support would not increase the likelihood of war.


David Naugler
Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Simon Fraser University


No, I dont buy it. I might believe that Mr. Totoboom was really a Swiss
Government chemist if his email had the appropriate form to have come from


He just has a hotmail account, and anybody with access to the internet can
get a hotmail account 1) for free and 2) annonymously. Therefore I suspect
that Mr. Totoboom is in reality some high school kid with a copy of the
Anarchist's Cookbook who dreams of making pipe bombs.

Dr. John Chubb
Quality Chemicals, Inc.


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