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From: Jacob Zabicky (zabicky$##$
Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 04:21:56 EDT

>Dear colleagues,
>I am organic chemist in charge of documentation; so, I have to "abstract
>Chem. Abstr." of articles for other chemists on new products using reagen=
>or building blocks manufactured by our company; a large part of these new=
>products aims at pharmacological effects, described in terms of "antagoni=
>of xxx receptor" or "antagonist of bradykinin"; I am not sufficiently
>familiarized with molecular biology to know what is the therapeutic effec=
>of an antagonist of SPLA2 or 5-HT1a receptor, . I need basic documentatio=
>on this subject; does anyone know something like a dictionnary which
>explains the different biological receptors and the role of endogenous
>proteins or hormones.
>Thank you by advance.
>J.M. Salard

Dear Jean-Marie,

What you probably need is to build a search profile and metodically examine
the information appearing in databases such as

Chemical Abstracts
Biological Abstracts
Index Medicus
Science Citation Index

There may be some duplication between the databases. The commercial
representatives of these databases at your place will be able to inform you
about the charges and may help you to build your profile.

All the best,

Jacob Zabicky


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