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From: ChemConnect - Patrick M. van der Valk (valk$##$
Date: Tue Apr 28 1998 - 05:12:01 EDT

Dear colleagues,

I thought that the following conference announcement would
be of interest to many of readers of this mailing list. If
you plan to attend the conference, look us up. We like to
hear from you.


  Patrick M. van der Valk
  C h e m C o n n e c t, I n c.



             Electronic Commerce for Chemicals,
                     24-25 June, 1998
            Park Hyatt Hotel, Philadelphia, PA

This strategic conference is aimed at high level decision
makers within the chemical industry. It will cover many key
issues, including:

  * Customer care
  * Supply chain management
  * Selling over the Internet

Delegates will hear a number of Case Studies from chemical
companies such as BP, Engelhard, Amoco, Allied Signal, and
Eastman Chemical who are leading the way in e-commerce.

This conference is being organized by First Conferences, Ltd.,
a UK-based company specializing in global conferences aimed at
the Oil and Gas, Chemical, and Internet/New Media markets. For
more information about this and other conferences organized by
First Conferences, visit:


or, for this conference only, e-mail James Barclay at:


(Be sure to tell him you found out about the conference from

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