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From: Jack Sullivan (jsulliva$##$eclipse.net)
Date: Mon Apr 13 1998 - 14:29:03 EDT

Jack Sullivan

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F.N. Lugemwa wrote:
> Where can I buy an ozone generator? Do you have a used one I could purchase?
> Any information will be greatly appreciated.
> lugemw@

I have used a commercial kilo-scale ozonator made by Orec and have seen
others use smaller versions in a lab setting (http://www.osmonics.com).
These units come in a range of sizes, including lab-scale units, but are
of professional quality and are not inexpensive. They can, however, be
leased or a deal can be made on buying a used unit through one of their
dealers. Contact Orec directly through that URL.

Alternately, check Organic Syntheses Collective Vol. III, p. 673, for a
design for building your own. (It's not a simple project.) Also, I found
792 web pages of people selling ozone generators for applications such
as disinfecting water. Do a net search on "ozone generator."

Good luck!
Jack Sullivan


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