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From: Dan Fisher (1228$##$
Date: Fri Apr 10 1998 - 09:27:00 EDT


As of yesterday, I'm new to the list.

I'm taking organic chemistry this coming fall and winter and am very much
looking forward to it.

I'm looking for a model kit designed for use in organic chemistry. I
concede my desire for it might be because, well, I like toys, as I've not
taken organic chemistry yet and don't know how valuable one would be.

I found a few model kits in a `94 copy of an Aldrich chemical catalog
someone gave me awhile back. A few looked good.

Are there any opinions out there for me on the matter? (Hey, there's a
pun in there, however insignificant.)

Do you think such kits are potentially useful for students of organic
chemistry? (I would be a tad surprised to hear that they are NOT useful.)
Which ones in particular are good? I'm looking to spend no more than,
say, $50.


(I apologize if this is a recurring topic; I looked quickly on the
archives and didn't find the topic mentioned.)

Daniel W. Fisher
Technical Communicator, Lawson Software
Godward Building, 1st floor
Pre-medical student, University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
dan.fisher$##$ (612) 379-8086, 4340

Just remember: Wherever you go, there you are.

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