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From: Bob Gawley (rgawley$##$
Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 12:39:27 EDT


I would like your help in identifying candidates for two postdoctoral
positions described briefly below. More information can be obtained by
accessing my web page at The
salary for these positions is $25,000 per year.

Position 1: Postdoctoral trainee to participate in interdisciplinary
projects on environmental sciences as applied to human health, starting
July 1 or asap after that. This is an NIH-sponsored training program and is
restricted to US citizens. One chemistry-intensive project involves
development of fluorescence sensors for marine toxins such as saxitoxin and
tetrodotoxin, in a project that will involve synthetic and combinatorial
chemistry, emission spectroscopy in solution and in vesicles, spectroscopy
in organized monolayers, and perhaps optical fiber technology. Another
involves incorporation of radiochemical labels in marine toxins and
molecular pharmacological studies with synaptosomes, possibly extending to
SAR studies with derivatives. I will need a complete CV, (unofficial)
undergraduate and graduate transcripts, and letters of recommendation from
the thesis advisor and two others.

Position 2: Immediate opening (May 1 or asap after that) for a postdoctoral
trainee to work on stereoselective reactions of lithiated heterocycles
(NIH-funded grant). This last-minute opening comes as a result of someone
withdrawing from his contract at the last minute. I will need a complete
CV, and letters of recommendation from the thesis advisor and one other.

Please have interested candidates contact me by e-mail or at the address
shown below, indicating which program is of primary interest.


Bob Gawley

Robert E. Gawley, Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Miami
P. O. Box 249118
Coral Gables, Florida 33124-0431
Phone: 305-284-3279
FAX: 305-668-3313


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