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From: Keith Taylor (KeithT$##$mdli.com)
Date: Tue Apr 07 1998 - 18:04:37 EDT

I looked at his web page and found it offensive. I think that he should
be removed from the distribution list.

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I agree.... There were also some references to chemical weapons on the
web page...

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998, Bob Gawley wrote:
> Fellow Chemists
> This person whose e-mail name is totoboom and who posts
questions to the
> list under the name Le Chimiste looks like a certifiable nut.
He has been
> asking disturbing questions of list subscribers for the past
> months. Other subscribers have questioned his expertise. His
latest posting
> contains a web address whose content is distressing: recipes
for explosives
> and drugs, and under his name "Toto, the Crazy Chemist", is a
picture of
> Theodore Kaszinski (spelling?), the alleged "Unabomber" in the
US. (The
> Unabomber is responsible for numerous "letter-bomb" murders
over the
> past 20 years. He is now on trial in Sacramento, California.)
> Toto says he is a student in the chemistry department at the
> Lausanne. If he was in my department, I would be very
disturbed. He is
> giving out advice on drug synthesis and extraction (home
> including MDMA, methamphetamine, 2-CB, etc., and procedures
for making
> detonators and bombs, through a website on Geocities.com.
> I'd be real careful about giving him advice, and if anyone
from Lausanne
> sees this posting, you might want to investigate what he may
be doing in
> his lab.
> I don't know anything about the rules for screening postings
to a
> professional list such as this one, but I don't subscribe to
> help people make bombs or produce illegal drugs. I ask that
this person's
> questions not be posted to this list. Professional chemists
ought not to
> have a legitimate forum associated with quacks such as
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