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From: Bob Gawley (rgawley$##$
Date: Tue Apr 07 1998 - 13:57:31 EDT

Fellow Chemists

This person whose e-mail name is totoboom and who posts questions to the
list under the name Le Chimiste looks like a certifiable nut. He has been
asking disturbing questions of list subscribers for the past several
months. Other subscribers have questioned his expertise. His latest posting
contains a web address whose content is distressing: recipes for explosives
and drugs, and under his name "Toto, the Crazy Chemist", is a picture of
Theodore Kaszinski (spelling?), the alleged "Unabomber" in the US. (The
Unabomber is responsible for numerous "letter-bomb" murders over the
past 20 years. He is now on trial in Sacramento, California.)

Toto says he is a student in the chemistry department at the EPFL in
Lausanne. If he was in my department, I would be very disturbed. He is
giving out advice on drug synthesis and extraction (home recipes),
including MDMA, methamphetamine, 2-CB, etc., and procedures for making
detonators and bombs, through a website on

I'd be real careful about giving him advice, and if anyone from Lausanne
sees this posting, you might want to investigate what he may be doing in
his lab.

I don't know anything about the rules for screening postings to a
professional list such as this one, but I don't subscribe to ORGLIST to
help people make bombs or produce illegal drugs. I ask that this person's
questions not be posted to this list. Professional chemists ought not to
have a legitimate forum associated with quacks such as totoboom.

Bob Gawley

Robert E. Gawley
Department of Chemistry
University of Miami
P. O. Box 249118
Coral Gables, Florida 33124-0431
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