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Date: Fri Jan 30 1998 - 16:52:41 EST

>>The biological department of my institute uses large amounts of cesium
>chloride for the gradient centrifugation of plasmides. This salt is very
>expensive, does someone know a way to recycle it ?

Well, I assume they are using a procedure similar to that outlined at:

this procedure uses ethidium bromide, a known carcinogen, so this
complicates a recycling procedure. The standard ethidium bromide
decontamination procedure would produce a solution that would then
have to be treated to remove organics and then Na, K, Mg, and Ca
to produce the purity of CsCl needed to establish the gradients.

shows the high standards needed for reuse in the gradient centrifugation
process. Is there an alternate use for impure CsCl?
Well, some people take large quantities as a nutritional
component, since it supposedly stimulates the immune system.

Of course, this simply raises the issue of recycling the Cs in
these people's excretions. If one accepts the doctrine of recycling
on esthetic or political grounds, there is really no end to it.
Perhaps recycling only makes sense on economic grounds, and
the CsCl recycle on a small scale, at least, is uneconomic.

Just my opinions,
Jerry Morine, ghmo$##$

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