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From: Jacob Zabicky (zabicky$##$
Date: Sun Dec 14 1997 - 19:04:27 EST

>From: Eudes da Silva Velozo <euvelozo$##$>
>Subject: BITC
> I am looking for analytical methods to benzylisothiocyanate (BITC)
>in fruits. Someone can help me, please.

Dear Eudes,

1. Look for method in document NX 8250000 of the Registry of Toxic Effects
of Chemical Substances (RTECS) of the National Institute of Occupational
Safety and Health of the USA. Possibly the library of the USA Embassy has a
copy. You can also find some useful info in the safety data sheet of the
compound (probably in the Internet).

2. A chromatographic method, either HPLC or GLC is probably what you need.
It is possible that an instrument manufacturer has published a leaflet on
BITC or similar compounds. Try the commercial agents of such instruments.

3. Other methods are also possible. A review including more than 60
references on the analysis of isocyanates and isothiocyanates appeared. I'm
sure you'll find there the sample preparation and end analysis methods you

J. Zabicky,"Analytical aspects of alkynes, nitriles, cyanates,thiocyanates
and their isomeric functional groups", in "The Chemistry of Triple-Bonded
Functional Groups. Supplement C2", S. Patai (ed.), John Wiley, Chichester,
1994. pp 191-230. The part that interests you is on pages 221-226, 229-230.

All the best

Prof. Jacob Zabicky Tel. 972-7-6461271/6461062/6472754
Institutes for Applied Research Fax. 972-7-6472969
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Private: POB 12366 Beer-Sheva 84836
POB 653, Beer-Sheva 84105, ISRAEL Tel. 972-7-6496792

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