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From: F. Javier Sardina (qojskd$##$
Date: Wed Jun 18 1997 - 03:59:32 EDT

  Dear colleagues:

  I beg your pardon for this slightly off-topic post, but I think it may be of
interest to some member of this group.

  The latest version of the freeware NMR data processing program MestRe-C (1.3
for Windows 95 and Windows NT) has just been released. It can be retrieved
any of the following anonymous ftp repositories:

*What's new in MestRe-C 1.3*

- MestRe-C now runs under Windows NT (tested under version 4.0).
- Processing of Bruker files from DnX spectrometers is now possible.
- Expanded regions (up to 5 of them) can be displayed (and printed) with the
- Capability to add/substract two FID's/spectra has been added
- FID's/spectra can be exported as metafiles (or bitmaps) to the clipboard (at
- Text comments can be included (and printed) in the spectra.
- Improvements have been made in the following routines:
    INTEGRATION (use of a baseline-correction function).
    SET LIMITS (input limits through the keyboard).
    PHASE CORRECTION (the pivot point can be set by the user).
    PRINTING (portrait or lanscape modes, colour or B&W)
    MEASURE J (increased accuracy)
- All routines have been optimized and are now considerably faster.

  For more information check MestRe-C WWW home page:

  Happy NMR data processing

  F. Javier Sardina

      F. Javier Sardina Phone: 34-81-591085
Departamento de Quimica Organica 34-81-563100. Ext 14234
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela Fax: 34-81-595012 or 34-81-591091
15706 Santiago de Compostela e-mail: qojskd$##$


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