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From: by way of Joao Aires de Sousa (denonne$##$
Date: Tue Jun 03 1997 - 13:29:16 EDT

>> Hi,
>> Can anyone explain how to perform the following bromination exp:
>> "Air streams carrying 19g of bromine were introduced for 30 min to
>> a solution of ...."
>> Shall i heat to reflux the bromine, pass a air stream and
>> connect it to my reactor?
>> If anybody has a better answer i would be very thankful.

>my guess is to cannulate 19g of bromine from its container into your reaction
>flask over 30 min using a stream of air to push it through.

In that case, I would recommend using a syringe-pump. But maybe they need
the oxygen in some way and a simple syringe addition wouldn't work. You
could remedy this problem by bubbling air in your solution.

Hope this helps,
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