ORGLIST: Structures as Attached Files?

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From: Ron Michalak (rmichalak$##$
Date: Sat Apr 05 1997 - 23:25:45 EST

        I just checked various file sizes and it does not seem to me that
structures as attached files would significantly increase download times.
For example, a reaction I have saved as a .mol file was 2.1 Kb (consisting
of three structures and an arrow). The same file converted to .gif was 1.2
Kb. The size of the email message below was 2K. Of course I would not go
against the wishes of those who administer this list, and I am grateful for
a forum to discuss organic chemistry. If a relaxation of this rule could be
considered perhaps we could discuss a size limit and a prefered file format

Ron Michalak

> Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 14:00:53 +0000
> From: J Aires de Sousa <jas$##$>
> Subject: Re: ORGLIST: Ether/epoxide cleavage and exchange

> As this problem is raised I should remember that you may upload any
> file (for example a ChemDraw or ISIS file) to the ORGLIST ftp site
> (anonymous) at:
> ... and then you should tell the list what the file name is.
> Of course, there would also be the possibility of attaching the
> file to the message and send to everybody but PLEASE DON'T DO THAT. That
> would mean sending huge messages to hundreds of people that might not be
> interested.
> I hope these comments may stimulate the discussion on how to
> transmit (easily...) chemical drawings in the mailing list context.
> Joao Aires de Sousa (jas$##$


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