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From: by way of Joao Aires de Sousa (jsb2$##$
Date: Fri Mar 28 1997 - 16:13:21 EST

> I have been asked for information on an organic compound that my bare
>the common name "methyl blue" or something similar.
> The only characteristics that I was able to obtain about it is this:
>It is an organic die that if introduced into the body will die a persons
>urin blue for several days. The person who was inquiring about this
>compound is interested in using it as a joke on a few of his friends.
> I would like to know if this substance is toxic or not. If it is I
>would like to pass this information on to the person who is interested in
>using it in this manner so he will realize what he is dealing with before
>anything tragic happens.

A search of the ChemFinder WebServer ( for
Methyl Blue reveals one site that has information on that compound, including
an MSDS. The MSDS seems to suggest against ingestion.

On the other hand, following the MSDS link to other compounds on that site
reveals the similarly-named Methylene Blue. *It's* MSDS seems less concerned
about potential health effects.

Your experience may vary. Please consult the MSDSs and make your own

Jonahtan Brecher
CambridgeSoft Corporation

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