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From: Wolfgang Schechinger (wgschech$##$
Date: Sat Mar 22 1997 - 11:04:29 EST

of course diabetics are able to burn glucose. their problem is a
defect in controling glucose uptake into cells. (there are different
types of defects e.g. no insuline (type I) or no insuline sensitivity
(type II) and others).
the result of this is high blood glucose level wich leads to
excretion of glucose in urine.
possible consequences of untreated diabetes are among others:
defective wound healing, blindness, neuropathia, renal failure, coma,
death. this is suopposed to be mainly caused by high glucose
levels. the same will result when you administer a drug preventing
sugar burning or it's cellular uptake. correct me if I'm

the best to prevent nonpathologic weight gain is: control your energy
uptake/utilization ratio.

btw. there's a substance named trichloroacetic acid wich gave the
krebs cycle also the name tca cycle because it inhibits glucose
burning. this substance is a absolutely deadly poison.
---------!all possible disclaimers apply!-----------

Wolfgang Schechinger
University of Tuebingen
email: wgschech$##$

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