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From: by way of Joao Aires de Sousa (jxc35$##$
Date: Sat Mar 15 1997 - 23:47:40 EST



>I am looking for information about the Blue Bottle experiment and the
>Ammonia Fountain and an experience between two pieces of cotton impregnated
>with NH3 and HCl which are put into a tube. What I am looking for is a
>description of those experiences with explanations of the reactions... I
>would like some informations about the utility of those experiences "in the
>life": in the industry, in the all day life... and a little piece of
>history too.

Never heard of the Blue Bottle exeriment, but I suppose that if one put
concentrated aqueous ammonia and concentrated HCl solutions in two peices of
cotton and stuffed them in two ends of a long glass tube, that it would
"snow" solid ammonium chloride somewhere in the middle of the glass tube
(position dependent on the relative diffusion rates of HCl and NH3 gasses).

Simple reaction: HCl(g) + NH3(g) => NH4Cl(s)

As for the utility of the experiment, it is a graphic demonstration of gas
=> solid chemical reactions. Chemical reactions in the gas phase are pretty
rare in chemistry, as most of practical chemistry (at least at STP) occurs
as a solution.

John Chubb
Penn State

(for now; I defend soon, and will [I hope] be moving on to greener pastures
within the chemical industry)


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